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Founded in 2015 by Christoph Zimper and Christian Knaller, the Weissensee Klassik Festival has since evolved to a musical highlight in the cultural landscape of Carinthia. The idea of music as a unifying element is paramount to the festival’s overarching concept, which manifests itself in the diversity of projects and the great variety of ensembles performing. Located at one of Austria’s most beautiful lakes, the festival amazes its audience every year anew with its innovative concepts, internationally acclaimed musicians and unparalleled hearing pleasure.


A selection of artists who performed at WKF: Benjamin Schmid, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Georg Breinschmied, Sebastian Gürtler, Florian Willeitner, as well as members of the Vienna and Munich Philharmonics, the Symphony Orchestra of the Bayerische Rundfunk, the Zurich Opera House, the DSO Berlin, and other major Austrian orchestras.  
Year - since 2015


1.9. | Austria String Trio

The three internationally acclaimed musicians Benjamin Schmid, Florian Eggner and Wolfgang Muthspiel break new ground by combining the virtues of chamber music with improvisation in an utterly unique way – paying tribute to the beat, the pulse, the rhythm. 

3.9. | Kontrastklänge

This evening shows how far the bow can be stretched in classical music. Two sextets, two composers, two line-ups: The sextet for wind quintet and piano by Francis Poulenc is juxtaposed with another masterpiece of chamber music, the string sextet by Johannes Brahms No. 1 in B flat major op.18.

2.9. | Der Rosenkavalier 2.0

In order to catch a glimpse backstage of the world of orchestra musicians, five woodwind players meet at a Viennese „Würstelstand“ after a performance of Richard Strauss’ opera „Der Rosenkavalier“ and pass the evening in review. 

4.9. | Weißensee Lab Concert "Soulskin"

During the past year, five different exceptional musicians, who also work as composers, came together to add sound to the touching tale of „Soulskin“. A very special world premiere, visually enhanced in the most creative way by sand-illustrator Anna Vidyaykina.

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